For nature and our guests:

Sustainability is very important to us.


Measures to avoid and reduce waste are taken on an ongoing basis. Waste is properly separated and disposed of. Hotels like ours generate large amounts of waste, most of which can be either reused or recycled. Important examples are leftover food, glass, PET, paper, cardboard and oil. Products, their disposal in the conventional way. In order to be able to guarantee the most environmentally friendly disposal in each case, it is important that the individual waste is cleanly separated. First and foremost, however, an attempt should be made to tackle the cause of the waste problem, namely to avoid waste wherever possible. These implementation options range from purchasing in large packs and reusable containers to agreements with suppliers, etc. We're doing our best to help here.

Food and drinks

Mainly seasonal and regional food and drinks are bought. When using products from the region, not only are the often very long (and thus energy-intensive) transport routes eliminated, there is also a positive effect on regional development through the support of regional companies. In addition, the intermediate trade is often eliminated, which promises better incomes for the producers. The consideration of seasonality pursues similar goals, the products should not be imported from overseas, but should be bought when the domestic market offers them.

Washing & cleaning

Measures are taken to optimize the use of detergents and cleaning agents. On the one hand, it is important to use products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, i.e. products that are quickly and completely degradable, such as our Hollu Eco products. On the other hand, they must also be used correctly so that maximum effectiveness can be achieved with a minimum consumption of cleaning agents. To ensure this, our employees are well trained and instructed.

We are certified. Thanks to our partner Hollu.